Best Refrigerators In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. LG 260L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


2. Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Haier HRF-619SS

3. Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL

Everything revolves around the refrigerator from breakfast, healthy lunches and dinners around the table. Zeroing in on the right one for you is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider everything from specifications to dimensions, design and special features.

Do you want your fridge to have an attached freezer, smart technology or water filtration system? Are you looking for something energy efficient, smudge-free, or stainless steel?

Some people may prioritize the need for a large ice bucket, and others want space for frozen foods while others strive for plenty of fridge space for fresh vegetables as possible.

Purchasing the right brand will check off many of your wishlist items and narrow down the options to what will suit your unique needs, budget and preferences.

To make your task easy, we have listed the Best Refrigerators in India along with a buying guide based on in-depth research and reviews.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India

 RefrigeratorTypeCapacity (litres)
LG GL-I292RPZL LG GL-I292RPZL Double Door260
Haier HRF-619SS Haier HRF-619SS Side By Side Door565
Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL Single Door212
Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL Double Door253
Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Triple Door240
Haier HED- 20CFDS Haier HED- 20CFDS Single Door190
LG GL-B201ASPY LG GL-B201ASPY Single Door190
Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Single Door190
Godrej RF EON 255B 25 Godrej RF EON 255B 25 Double Door255

Which Are The 10 Best Refrigerators In India 2020?

1. LG 260L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)


Product Description

Size: 26.4(L) x 23(W) x 57.9(H) cmWeight: 127 kg
Color: SilverCapacity: 260 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 100~310V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members or bachelorsMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: Double Door, Glass racks, Chiller Zone, Deodorizer

For a 260 L double door refrigerator, the refrigerator is best in all its features and shouldn’t disappoint if you are not looking for anything fancy. It comes with a Smart digital inverter compressor that automatically takes inverter power to run without any manual guidance whenever the power goes off.

Smart Features

  • Auto Smart Connect: This feature offers seamless operation even on power cuts. Connect your fridge to the home inverter. It will consume power equal to 2 CFL bulbs.
  • Moist Balance Crisper: It maintains apt moisture level inside the box and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for weeks.
  • Ice Beam Cooling: This maintains even temperature throughout the fridge and ensures every corner stays cool and keeps food fresh for longer.
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling: These air vents distribute cool air to every corner of the fridge, which ensures proper cooling.
  • Smart Diagnosis: The Smart Diagnosis system of LG helps diagnose and solve any error or problem you may have with your fridge quickly and correctly.

It has three spill-proof toughened glass shelves that can carry heavy load without any spillage. Apart from this, there is a regular size rack to store bottles, cheese, sauce and an egg tray area. There is a double-twisting ice plate in the freezer and one shelf to keep frozen items.



2. Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator (HRF-619SS, Silver)

Haier HRF-619SS

Product Description

Size: 65.5(L) x 90.8(W)
x 179(H) cm
Weight: 98 kg
Energy Class: A++Energy Consumption: 0.98 units/day
Finish: Shiny SteelCapacity: 565 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 135
Suitable For: Joint FamilyMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: French/Side-by-side & Glass shelf

This side by side refrigerator is spacious and has sufficient adaptable shelving options. Apart from this, the new SBS is designed smartly to offer to all refrigerator needs as its freezer, and fridge ratio makes it conveniently suitable to store food. It comes with the freezer ratio of 66% to 34%, i.e. 347L fridge space and 218L ice section.

Smart Features

  • Twin Inverter Technology: It ensures the fan motor and the compressor both run at DC current and causes fewer fluctuations. Also, it reduces the noises and saves energy simultaneously.
  • Super Cool & Super Freeze: You can now happily welcome the unplanned parties and needs with the super cool and freeze options in your fridge.
  • Digital Control Panel: It changes the temperature settings from outside if the refrigerator conveniently with the all-new digital panel.
  • Smart Holiday Function: This function maintains a stable temperature range, even when you are not at home.

It cools any food item with one touch, all thanks to its super freezer and cooling arrangements. With twin inverter technology, it assures the fan motor and compressor both runs at DC and causes some changes. And the other best feature is the Holiday function. It helps in maintaining the stable temperature range even when you are not at home.

It gives you full access to your fridge as it has a 90⁰ door opening. This makes it convenient for you while taking out or storing food items.



3. Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(RR22T272YS8/NL, Elegant Inox)

Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL

Product Description

Size: 53.6(W)
x 66.5(L) x 131.5(H) cm
Weight: 32 kg
Color: Elegant InoxCapacity: 212 L
Defrost System: Direct CoolPower: 220 V
Suitable For: Family of 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Energy Rating: 3 StarAnnual Energy Consumption: 166 kWh
Extra Features: Single Door & Glass trays

Samsung is one of the top electronics brands that gained so much trust of customers. It comes with a smart inverter compressor. This fridge features toughened glass shelves and ABS plastic cover over the fresh box and at the freezer. It is the best single door refrigerator in India.

The large capacity Vege box gives a convenient space to store all the fresh fruits and vegetables. So you can easily find everything you use every day as they are all in one place. When it comes to its design, it has a softly curved chrome handle, round top shapes and clean lines. It adds a sleek and elegant look to your kitchen.

Smart Features

  • Digital Inverter Technology: It helps to work longer and delivers ample power. This adjusts the speed in response to cooling demand for vegetables and other foodstuffs.
  • Runs On Solar Energy: It can run on solar energy also. This feature is best as it helps to save electricity and the environment.
  • Built-in Stabilizer: It can handle voltage fluctuations up to 130 to 290 volts.

There is a power-efficient, bright lamp inside the fridge so you can find food and fresh stuff easily. Apart from this, there is a



4. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN, Platinum Silver, Inverter Compressor)


Product Description

Size: 73.8(W)
x 91.2(L) x 179(H) cm
Weight: 113 kg
Color: Platinum SilverCapacity: 687 L
Fridge Capacity:422 LFreezer Capacity: 265 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V, 125 W
Suitable For: Families with 5 & moreMaterial: Stainless Steel
Extra Features: French/SBS & Glass rack

LG’s french door refrigerator has equipped with some brilliant features that keep fruits and vegetables fresh for long. This stylish fridge magnifies the look of your kitchen that is loved by many modular kitchen users. Besides this, its Cooling Air Flowing Mechanism passes the cool air through vents in each corner of the fridge.

Smart Features

  • Hygiene Fresh+: Its 5 step anti-bacterial deodorization removes bacteria up to 99.99%. Also, it minimizes the bad odour in this best refrigerator.
  • Multi Digital Sensors: These sensors respond to warm food and open doors to maintain optimum inside temperature instantly.
  • Inverter Linear Compressor: It saves up to 51% energy and noise by 25%.
  • SmartThinQ: With this app, you can control all your home appliances from anywhere.

When it comes to storage space, it consists of 3 big racks for bottles and two vegetable containers. Furthermore, its inner section divides into three shelves and has separate one large box for storing milk, butter and cheese.

In the freezer area, it has three shelves and two chiller box. Also, for storing bigger things, there are two big racks and two small frames. It can hold up to 60 litres or more of than 60.



5. Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3483S8/HL, Elegant Inox)

Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL

Product Description

Size: 63.7(L) x 55.5(W)
x 154.5(H) cm
Weight: 46 kg
Color: Elegant InoxCapacity: 253 L
Fridge Capacity: 184 LFreezer Capacity: 69 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 220V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members and BachelorsMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Glass racks

This best refrigerator in India from Samsung comes with a modern look design, digital display and powerpack feature. It has an innovative cold pack wall to keep the food items chilled for 12 hours during the power cut. With 253L capacity, it can feed the calls of medium to a large-sized Indian family.

Furthermore, it’s Digital Inverter Technology delivers long-lasting performance, less noise, and energy efficiency. Another much-appreciated feature is Moist Fresh Zone. It is a smartly designed drawer that creates an ideal environment for storing veggies and fruits.

Smart Features

  • Digital Display: There is an ice blue digital display on the top door that provides clear information. Also, it is easy to control.
  • All-round Cooling: Its cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. It maintains constant temperature; thus, food stays fresh for a long time.
  • Movable Ice Maker: It comes with a movable ice maker that is easy to use. Since it is movable, you can utilise your fridge space flexibly.
  • Power Cool Technology: This technology quickly chills food and drinks.
  • Deodorizer: It keeps the inside of the fridge deodorized and preserves the original flavour and aroma of food.

Its deep door can hold larger bottles and more of other eatables without wasting space. Also, there are four easy slide shelves and a vegetable box. On the other side, in the freezer area, there is one shelf and two regular racks.



6. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator(FP 263D Protton Roy, Alpha Steel)

Whirlpool FP 263D Protton

Product Description

Size: 55(W)
x 68(D) x 162(H) cm
Weight: 50 kg
Color: Alpha SteelCapacity: 240 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V
Suitable For: Large and 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Three Doors & Glass tray

This triple door fridge from Whirlpool comes with some great features. Its 240-litre capacity is suitable for medium-size families. This best refrigerator has three doors, each with a specific role. Its upper section has a frost-free zone, centre area as the main part and the last for storing veggies and fruits fresh.

Smart Features

  • Moisture Retention Technology: There is a cold airflow around the compartment that retains moisture and freshness of the food.
  • Zeolite Technology: it prevents the ripening of veggie and fruits and keeps them fresh for long intervals.
  • Air Booster: It controls the circulation of cold air, so the compartment receives uniform cooling
  • Deli zone: Its deli zone comes with a customizable temperature knob for storing delicacies like berries, cheese, and other dairy items.

The refrigerator has energy-efficient light for avoiding darkness when it opens a door. There is an Ice Twister that provides easy twist-action to collect the ice pieces in the box. Furthermore, its Micro block technology uses unique additive anti-microbial, which prevents up to 99% growth of bacteria on the fruits and salad.



7. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (HED- 20CFDS, Dazzle Steel)

Haier HED- 20CFDS

Product Description

Size: 53(W)
x 62.8(D) x 121.8(H) cm
Weight: 35 kg
Color: Brushline SilverCapacity: 195 L
Defrost System: Direct CoolPower: 135 V
Suitable For: Large and 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Stabilizer free operation, Door Lock

This single door fridge for a small and narrow kitchen is perfect. It offers the capacity of 19 litres for storing bottles. Besides this, it is compact and adequate space for both sections. There is ample space to stock the salad, fruits, and other leftover food.

The tempered glass shelves can withstand heavyweight pans and pots for the lasting of the food. Also, there is an egg shelves area where you can place the eggs. Its adjustable shelves can hold 120 kg weight and easy to set utensils in an emergency.

Smart Features

  • Inverter Compressor: Its inverter compressor motor saves energy by 50%.
  • 1 Hour Icing Technology: With this technology, it ensures faster ice formation within 60 minutes.
  • PUF Insulation: It has thicker PUF (Polyurethane rigid foam) insulation compared to other conventional fridges. It helps to retain low temp for better cooling.
  • Defrost Button: It helps defrost the ice instantly that is stored in the freezer.

The antifungal gasket limits the fungus growth in a moist area. It is removable that also prevents the spread of bacterias. In terms of looks, the smooth exterior finish allows you to wipe out with a wet cloth. Now, stop your kids from overeating by locking chocolates and desserts with a feature of child lock.



8. LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B201ASPY, Scarlet Plumeria)


Product Description

Size: 53.4(W)
x 63.3(D) x 117.2(H) cm
Weight: 32.5 kg
Color: Scarlet PlumeriaCapacity: 190 L
Annual Energy Consumption: 131 kWhFreezer Capacity: 22 litres
Defrost System: Direct CoolPower: 230 V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Special Features: Inverter, Stabilizer Free, Door Lock

Another fridge from LG, it is economical and saves more resources. It comes with unique features, incredible energy saving, silent operation and more. With a 4-star energy rating, it becomes an energy-efficient product and helps save on electricity bills. It comes with a built-in voltage stabilizer that can operate in the range of 90 to 310 Volts. It is the best refrigerator in India at affordable price.

Smart Features

  • Smart Inverter Compressor: It is designed to provide unmatched performance and great savings. It keeps the food fresh up to 6-7 hours of power cuts.
  • Smart Connect: This technology helps you connect the fridge to home inverter.
  • Fast Ice Making: It is fast in ice making as it only takes 108 minutes for the ice making.

The tempered glass lids can hold up to 175 kg load. So you can place heavy dishes on it easily. Also, the 190 L capacity is perfect for 2 to 3 family members. Another excellent feature is moist n fresh that balances the water content inside of it.

This single door fridge has two bottles shelves, an icebox, and an egg tray with proper space. Apart from this, its vegetable section can hold 168 L volume of food items. It also consists of an anti-bacterial gasket that keeps the eatables healthy and hygienic for a longer time.



9. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S, Blue)

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S

Product Description

Size: 53.4(W)
x 61.9(D) x 119.1(H) cm
Weight: 32.4 kg
Color: Blue Capacity: 190 L
Annual Energy Consumption: 168 kWh Freezer Capacity: 14.3 litres
Defrost System: Direct Cool Power: 130 V
Suitable For: 2 to 3 members Material: Steel
Shelf Type: Wire Energy Rating: 3

This Single Door model comes with modern version refrigerator. It sleeks design blends in the tasteful interior of your kitchen. There is a jumbo bottle rack on the side door so that you can store up to 2-litre size bottles with ease.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills as its annual electricity consumption is moderate. The vegetable crisper comes with honeycomb moisture lock-in technology that maintains optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresher for longer. The freezer has a large capacity to place frozen food and dairy products. Also, you can keep the ice container inside it.

Smart Features

  • Insulated Capillary Technology: Its capillary tubes surrounded by super cold gas that leads to various benefits such as compressor energy efficiency, faster cooling and 9-hour cooling technology.
  • Quick Chill Zone: Its chill zone comes with easy-slide action. You can store cans and milk packets for optimum cooling.
  • Auto Connect To Home Inverter: During a power outage, it connects to home inverter automatically. So delivers consistent cooling and maintains long-lasting freshness.
  • Stabilizer Free Operations: This best refrigerator can stably operate even in high fluctuations. Thus it doesn’t require a separate stabilizer.

It comes with easy to clean removable airtight gasket that keeps the door liner clean and prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the fridge. To enhance the storing space and load the heavy utensils, it furnishes with wire shelves that are sturdy to hold the weight.



10. Godrej 255 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 255B 25 HI RY DR, Royal Dremin)

Godrej RF EON 255B 25

Product Description

Size: 59.7(W)
x 70.6(L) x 143.7(H) cm
Weight: 50 kg
Color: BlueCapacity: 236 L
Defrost System: Frost FreePower: 230 V
Suitable For: Families with 2 to 3 membersMaterial: Steel
Extra Features: Double Door & Toughened Glass trays

It is the best budget double door fridge with a 2-star rating for Indian families. This is a very basic refrigerator with less number of smart features. However, it is energy efficient and spacious from inside.

Smart Features

  • Stabilizer Free Operation: It runs great on in-built stabilizer that helps in lessening the extra need for stabilizer and delivers extended cooling.
  • Super Cool Function: It cools any food item with just one touch due to its supercooling arrangements.
  • Temperature Control: Its temperature control feature is great and permits you to customize the temperature according to your food.

It has a large chiller tray that can hold 5 litres of water bottles comfortably. Furthermore, there is a bright LED light ensures that the sections inside the fridge are well illuminated. It has toughened glass shelves that have the strength to hold up to 150 kgs of weight.



Types Of Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerator

Single Door RefrigeratorThis type has a built-in freezer compartment, but there is only one door. It is the oldest model that you may see in many houses. It comes in different capacity and sizes. The best thing is it is available at budget-friendly prices.

Furthermore, this type of fridge is compact and suitable for a couple and small families.

  • Economical to buy.
  • Less capacity or fewer choices of exterior finish.
  • Freezer compartment is small.
  • Single door swing which allows sufficient space for door opening.
  • Best choice for the budget, or small spaces.

Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door RefrigeratorAs the name suggests, it has two separate doors for the refrigerator and freezer. They come in two varieties – Top Freezer and Bottom Freezer. One for keeping ice creams or ice cubes and others for putting veggies and other stuff.

They come in the capacity of between 200 to 700 litre so perfect for medium size families. There is a unique heating element that prevents frost development. That’s why it is known as a frost-free refrigerator.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top FreezerThe top freezer refrigerator is the classic option which marked the era of change in the world of fridges in the 90s. At that time, it was a luxury to own a double door fridge with a top freezer part.

It is an affordable option for most. You can keep fish, meat or other frozen items in the freezer section and store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator section. It is ideal for small spaces with plenty of designs and sizes to choose from.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorThis one is entirely opposite the top mount fridge. These types of refrigerators are not widely available. It is a great choice for those who want to have necessities at eye level and can do with rare bending while reaching for the fridge.

It is available in different sizes and designs and can fit any space. Moreover, it comes with various adjustable drawers and containers to sort away groceries.

Triple Door Refrigerator

Triple Door RefrigeratorThis type of refrigerators come with advanced technologies. It is a modification of a double door fridge, where you have more than two separate compartments.

It comes with three doors – the top compartment as a freezer, the middle part has a cooling section and a lower part as a vegetable basket. All in all, it adds style in your kitchen and has ample freezer and food space. However, they consume more power but offer good features and capacities.

Also, no chance of mixing odours as three cells are separate. Some advanced models come with automatic ice dispensers.

Side By Side or French Refrigerator

Side By Side RefrigeratorThis luxurious type fridge has two swinging doors that open to access the freezer and fridge section. The advantage of this fridge is more spacious and versatile options.

They offer larger storage capacities and thus are suitable for large families. Some models provide special features like an ice dispenser, water dispenser – so you can get ice or chilled water without opening the fridge. Furthermore, it has a large freezer space, so make sure to analyze your needs before buying the side by side by refrigerator.

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator in India?

Capacity and Size

The first factor to consider while buying a refrigerator is capacity. It depends on the user’s eating habits and family size.

Family Size                      CapacityDoor Type
Individuals or BachelorsLess than 200 litresSingle Door or Mini fridge
Couples 250 litresSingle Door
Small families 250-350 litresSingle, Double Door
Medium Sized family  350-500 litresDouble, Triple Door
Large family  >500 litres    French or side by side

After capacity, the next factor to identify is size – does your kitchen have enough space. While checking out space, make sure you have extra space to open the fridge door easily beyond 90 degrees. Measure out the area (length, breadth and height) and then select the appropriate one. Also ensure that there is at least 1-inch clearance around the sides, especially at backside for better air circulation.

Inverter Technology

Everyone looks for a refrigerator that works great and consumes less power. So in that case compressor is the crucial component that you need to consider. With the Inverter Compressor Technology, one can save up to 30% to 50% power consumption.

With Digital Inverter Technology, it works at different speed levels. It gives a better cooling output. When the temperature decreases below the set levels, it will switch the compressor to low capacity.

Beside power savings, you get other benefits as well.

  • Good temperature control
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Longer Life Span


Based On defrosting types, refrigerator categorised in 2 types.

  • Direct Cool Defrosting

In this defrosting technology, the natural air circulation is used throughout the fridge. It generates coolness by using a natural convection process. The downside is you cannot control the temperature distribution inside the refrigerator. This leads to uneven cooling and accumulation of frost. Thus you need to defrost the refrigerator periodically to avoid ice accumulation.

This technology is available in Single Door fridge only. It consumes less electricity and requires low maintenance. Therefore, it is the best option for a small budget and less space.

  • Frost Free Refrigerator

This type of fridge has a defrost cycle that works at regular intervals to remove the frost or prevent the collection of frost. Now all modern refrigerators have a frost-free function.

It provides a balanced distribution of cool air around the appliance using unique electric fans. Mostly, double door, triple door and side by side refrigerators come with this technology.

The only negative point is they consume more electricity than other ones. But they have a longer life span and are suitable for households where constant refrigeration is required.


Best Refrigerator In IndiaThe style and finish of the refrigerator have a massive impact on the decor of your kitchen. Look for the refrigerator that easily blends with the interior of your kitchen. The stainless steel is the most popular pick. Some refrigerator models come with floral design patterns, black stainless finish that gets difficult to blend with your kitchen.

Plus, it is not about the outside design of the exterior. The arrangement of shelves and racks are the most important. Whether they are flexible or you can fit most of your items there or not. Check whether you can easily fit 2-litre bottles. Are shelves adjustable, can you spare space for big vessels, and the space is manageable for your requirements or not.

Some modern refrigerators come with special design features like separate space for medicines, beauty products and moveable ice trays.

Energy Rating

Energy Efficient RefrigeratorUnlike water heaters or air conditioners, a fridge runs constantly. That is why the Energy Efficiency Star Ratings are of huge importance. More the stars the more the cost but don’t look at upfront costs. In metro cities where electricity is expensive, even 1 unit per day of excess electricity translates to over INR 200 per month or 2400 in a year.

The more stars, the more energy-efficient the fridge is. Since it is lifetime investment at least for 10-15 years, so selecting a high-grade model will never harm you. Plus it cuts down the overall consumption cost for the long run.

Conversion Facility

Modern refrigerators come with an innovative Conversion feature. Usually, The standard refrigerator ratio is approx 8:2. You can convert the freezer compartment into the fridge as per your requirement. This helps to increase the storage capacity of the refrigerator. It is the best feature for those people who have space crunch issues.

Extra Features

  • Shelves and Drawer

Flexible shelves and Drawers help to store the things gently. There are three types of shelves: acrylic, wired and tempered glass. Tempered glass shelves are most strong and approved.

And the single door refrigerators come with two or three shelves. On the other side, a three-door refrigerator comes with more frames so you can put food in a more organised way.

  • Vegetable Crisper

It helps to avoid placing veggies and fruits in plastic storage bags. This compartment maintains the food items crisp and fresh and has to be sealed properly. Furthermore, it is removable so you can clean easily.

  • Water & Ice Dispenser

The water faucet provides chilled water anytime without opening the fridge. It is situated at the outside of the door. However, it requires an endless supply of water.

  • Indicators

Some top-class refrigerators come with indicators that notify you with a beeping sound if it is kept open for a long time.

  • Built-in Voltage Stabilizer

Frequent cutouts and voltage fluctuations can have a bad impact on the compressor. To protect the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations, it is better to have a fridge with in-built stabilizer. It will extend the refrigerator life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Inverter Compressor Technology help in saving electricity?

It regulates itself with the cooling load and adjusts the temperature in various situations. For example, you open a fridge to put the items, and you might leave the door open for an extended period. Then the compressor will sense the change in temperature and start working at high speed. This is to make up for the loss of cold air without wasting electricity on overcooling.

Moreover, it takes seasons into account. In winters, the temperature is low; thus, the compressor will run at slow speed because it can recognise the outside temperature and slow down. Even during nights the activity is zero or low, the compressor runs slowly. Thus the compressor can save 20 to 30% of the electricity bill.

2. How To Disinfect The Refrigerator?

Spray the solution of water and vinegar inside the refrigerator.
Leave it for 3-4 minutes then wipe off using a clean wet kitchen towel.

3. Which Are The Best Refrigerator Brands?

Some of the popular brands that provide efficient refrigerators are Samsung, LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, and Haier.

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