Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 33 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

2. Rylan Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

3. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Scale Weighing Machine

Whether you are monitoring your diet or preparing a recipe, the kitchen weighing scales will keep you on the right track. A difference of one ounce or one gram can make the food worse. There are a lot of diet plans that need specific measurements of ingredients to be added to your food.

It allows you to step up your baking skills and cut down on your kitchen chores.

A good kitchen weighing machine will become your secret weapon for consistent cookies or a perfect risen bread. It can help you quantify the nutrition or measuring the ingredients as per the recipe.

The weighing scales used in the kitchen need to be accurate, so it is preferable to buy a digital weighing scale for the kitchen. With so many options, it is challenging to select the best.

Here is our complete buying guide for the Best Kitchen Weighing Scales that can simplify your task of choosing the one.

Top 10 Kitchen Weighing Scales in India 2021

 Sandwich MakerMax WeightUnits
HealthSense Chef Mate KS 33 5 kgg, kg, lb, ml, oz
Rylan 10 kgg, kg, lb, oz
Dr Trust 5 kg g, kg, lb, oz, ml
Qerinkle 10 kgg, kg, oz
HealthSense Chef KS 40 5 kgg, kg, lb, oz, ml
AmazonBasics 5 kgg, kg, lb, oz
Generic 10 kgg, oz, kg
Bulfyss 10 kgg, kg, oz
Simxen 7 kgg, kg, oz
Shopostreet 5 kgg, kg, oz, lb

Which Are The 10 Best Kitchen Weighing Scales In India 2020?

1. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 33 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Product Description

Warranty: 1 YearDimensions: 12 x 23 x 19.5 cm
Weight: 600 gOperate on: 2 AAA batteries
Bowl: BPA free food grade plasticSensors: Quad Precision Sensors
Units: grams, pounds, milliliter, poundsMax Weight: 5 kg (1 g to 5000 g)

HealthSense is one of the leading companies in healthcare. It offers a wide range of products such as BP monitors, pedometers, massager, humidifiers, etc. This attractive and durable, Chef-Mate kitchen scale is versatile and provides a wide range of features. It comes with a crystal clear bowl that makes it easier to weigh all kinds of ingredients, including powders and liquids.

Its Quick Unit Conversion feature measures the ingredients smartly in grams, millilitres, ounces, or pounds. The high level precision G-force load sensor gives an accurate reading and delivers superior precision with faster response. It can weigh up to 5 kg with perfect accuracy.

Apart from that, it comes with Auto-off mode that switches off the scale after 120 seconds of inactivity. This weighing scale is easy to use with a large LCD display and two on/off buttons.

Being portable and small size, you can carry or store it easily. And the best is its tare calculation function, which subtracts the bowl’s weight automatically and gives you the net weight of your item.

There are other amazing features like low battery indicator, overload indicator. Its low battery indicator lets you know when to change the battery.



2. Rylan Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

Product Description

Weight: 3 kg 750 gDimensions: 11.99 x 10.01 x 2.01 cm
Max Weight: 10 kg/353 ozMin Weight: 1g/0.0353 oz
Units: g, kg, lb, ozBody Material: ABS Plastic
Diameter of Platform: 15.5 cm

It is a regular digital kitchen scale that does a decent job of measuring solid and liquid food ingredients. This popular kitchen weighing scale is available at a reasonable price.

Another best thing is its Tare option that automatically cancels the container’s weight and only measures the weight of liquid and powdered ingredients with precision. Like other weighing scales in the list, it also has a capacity of 1g to 10000g and an accuracy resolution of 1g/0,1 oz.

There is a wide LCD screen that is easy to read. You can toggle between the units with the unit button for measurements in either ounces/grams/kilograms/lbs.

Moreover, it features a large tray that you can wash easily. And the wide platform allows you to use a bowl and container for weighing liquids and powders. The platform is made of good quality material and durable enough for daily usage.



3. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

Product Description

Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 14 cmWeight: 300g
Max Weight: 5 kg/1l lbsBody Material: ABS finish
Units: g, kg, lb, oz and ml

You will definitely love this sleek and elegant scale as it combines precision & accuracy. It is designed for everyday use. And looks amazing on your kitchen countertop. This kitchen weighing machine weighs ingredients precisely and helps to make better, healthy meals.

With this weighing scale, you can measure liquid volume also. There are two buttons to operate it easily – from calculating tare weight to switching from ounces to grams.

To prevent wrong measurements, it comes with low battery and overweight indicators. The “Lo” indicates when you require to replace the batteries while “Err” indicates to avoid overloading.



4. Qerinkle Multipurpose Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

Product Description

Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 5 cmWeight: 299g
Max Weight: 10kg/10000g/354ozMin Weight: 1g/0.0353oz
Division Value: 1g//0.0353ozDisplay: Backlit LCD
Units: Ounces, gramsBody Material: ABS plastic

Another best compact kitchen scale is the Qerinkle Multipurpose Digital Scale. It is constructed with a high precision strain gauge sensor and tare function. With this, you can get an accurate measurement up to 1g/0.0353oz.

Its tare function helps obtain the exact net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the container’s weight.

You can read the measurement result clearly on the wide LCD display. Also, its splash-proof design ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity areas.



5. HealthSense Chef Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Product Description

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 18 cmWeight: 220g
Max Weight: 5000g/353ozMin Weight: 1g/0.0353oz
Units: g, kg, lb, oz, mlAccuracy Resolution: 1g, 0.1 oz
Sensors: 4 high precise G-Sensors

If you are concerned that buying a kitchen scale will take your countertop space, you should look into this kitchen weighing scale. As a user-friendly tool for any cook, it is provided with four high level precision G sensors to give an accurate reading.

It enables you to measure your ingredients for your recipes from 0.1oz/1g and up to 5kg. With its Tare function and easy operating buttons, you can easily measure ingredients in a bowl without calculating and switching between measurement units like ounces and grams.

This weighing scale incorporates a lightweight and sturdy concave rectangular design with the rounded hoop, with hygiene being a primary concern. It allows you to hang it in your kitchen. This chic and slim kitchen weighing scale is the perfect tool loaded with features to help achieve your nutrition goals.

Furthermore, you can leave the reading alone, and the scale will automatically shut off after 2-minute inactivity. So no worries about the wasted battery life.



6. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

Product Description

Warranty: 1 YearDimensions: 8.7″ x 7.1″ x 1.6″
Display: LCD ScreenWeight: 381 g
Body Material: BPA freeAuto Turn Off: After 135 seconds
Units: Ounces, grams, pounds, or kilogramsMax Weight: 5 kg (2 g to 5000 g)

If you’re a minimalist maniac, it is a perfect choice for you. This scale comes with a simple design that focuses on the essentials of quickly weighing your ingredients. It features a spacious weighing platform that accommodates larger bowls or heavy food items.

Its unit button automatically converts the unit measurement from ounces to grams or pounds to kilograms. Furthermore, its smooth surface is easy to clean – just wipe it down with a wet cloth.

With its advanced sensor technology, it gives quick, accurate responses, unlike manual scales. It can instantly weigh up to 11 pounds, i.e., about 5000 grams at a time. This scale operates through 2 AAA batteries, which are easy to access with no external mechanical function.



7. Generic Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Product Description

Weight: 380 gramsDimensions: 4.8 x 18.8 x 25.5 cm
Max Weight: 10000g/353ozMin Weight: 1g/0.0353 oz
Accuracy Resolution: 1g, 0.1 oz

This Kitchen weighing Scale From Generic comes to the next line of our top picks of digital kitchen scales. It is made of fine quality material, which makes it durable for daily use. The Tare function is also included to deliver accurate results when using the container.

Furthermore, this digital scale is multifunctional; it displays the measurements in various units with the help of a crystal clear LCD interface. It is a battery-operated weighing scale and very easy to use. This scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 10 kg and is accurate up to 1 g. It is a highly precise weighing scale.

This professional scale is the best for the kitchen, mailroom, or even your workshop. The scale has a large round washable tray for easy cleaning. Apart from this, it assures precise weighing even in high level humidity areas due to splash-proof design.


8. Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale Multipurpose

Product Description

Warranty: 1 YearDimensions: 24.5 x 17 x 3.5 cm
Max Weight: 10000g/353ozMin Weight: 1g/0.0353 oz
Power: 1.5V x 2 AAA batteryBody Material: ABS Plastic
Display: LCDWeight: 379 g
Platform Diameter: 5.79″ / 14.7 cm

With its crisp white colour and modern design, the Bulfyss Digital Scale certainly looks the part. This model comes complete with a whole host of features that make it stand out. It includes a tare function that allows you to use any container while still receiving accurate results.

As an added bonus, it features a wide LCD screen display that is easy to read and follow. Results can be measured in increments of one from all the way up to five kilograms. It is made up of high-quality material that makes it durable.

Moreover, this weighing scale automatically locks a reading when the data is stable. And the best part is its splash-proof body that assures accurate weighing readings even in high humidity areas.



9. Simxen Electronic Digital 10 Kg Weight Scale

Product Description

Capacity: 7 kg/ 10000g / 354ozDivision Value: 1g
Body Material: ABS PlasticUnits: gm and oz
Dimensions: 15.01 x 11.99 x 5.99 cmWeight: 13.6 grams
Power Source: 2 AAA batteries

This weighing scale has an elegant design along with efficient and accurate weight measurement. It is provided with the Strain Gauge Sensor System that assures the accurate reading every time.

Apart from this, its Tare function helps measure the net weight of powdered or liquid ingredients by cancelling out the container’s weight first.

It can measure up to 5 kg of weight. With its splash-proof design, you can get accurate readings, even in high humidity area. In terms of build quality, it is made of high-quality plastic that makes it strong and durable. The large LCD screen makes it easy to follow and read the measurements.

This multifunctional weighing scale boasts user-friendly two-button control so that you can measure ingredients efficiently. All-in-all, it is an excellent assistant for baking and other kitchen chores.



10. Shopostreet Electronic Flat Panel Digital Kitchen Scale Weighing Machine

Product Description

Capacity: 5 kg/ 11lbsUnits: g/oz/kg/lb
Power Source: 1.5 V x 2 AAA batteriesDimensions: 24 x 17 x 2 cm
Weight: 99.8 g

A combination of a glass surface, new advanced buttons, and sensors, the Shoppostreet digital scale is equipped with a high precision sensor system for superior accuracy and faster response time.

However, it doesn’t respond to minor weight change; it brings convenience with four available measuring units, i.e., grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms.

It comes with an auto tare function that allows you to zero out your bowl’s weight from your measuring result. Apart from that, the scale will turn off automatically after 2-3 minute inactivity. This multifunction precision food scale helps you weigh your eatables accurately to ensure healthy portion sizes and baking & cooking easier.

It is available in three colour options – black, white, and red. Also made of top quality glass and built to be stronger than ordinary glass.



Different Type Of Kitchen Scales

Balance Scale

A balance scale helps measure an object’s weight by comparing it with the weight of an already set known mass. These weighing scales are relatively out-dated. It is good for measuring bulk ingredients, but it is a complicated process that has made it obsolete.

These scales’ drawback is that they only report whether the ingredient being measured is lesser or greater than the known weights. For example, a cup of rice is placed on one side of the balance, while the known mass is placed on the other side. Mass is added on the other side until the balance is equal. In other words, the calculated mass is not accurate.

Mechanical Scale

It is also known as the spring scale because these scales work using springs that move the dials and reflect the ingredient’s weight.

However, the springs do not always give precise measurements. There are two types of mechanical scales, i.e., platform scales and hanging scales.

Digital Weighing Scale

Digital kitchen scales are a great innovation that makes a digital food scale so much better than a balance scale. It comes in handy when baking because it needs the use of precisely measured ingredients—That’s why digital scales are a top preference for bakers.

These scales have a compact design and come with several useful features. Also, it operates finely and easy to clean and store. Most of the latest digital scales come with multi-functional purposes that make baking and cooking more convenient.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Weighing Scale?

Whether you are baking, cooking, or monitoring your diet, measurements are really important. If you go wrong with the measurements, the entire recipe can go for a toss.

But with so many brands and models in the market, selecting the best one can be a daunting task.

Here are some of the key aspects you should pay attention to when selecting one for you.

Digital vs Analog Scales

The first thing to look while buying a kitchen scale is the types of scale. If you choose analogue kitchen scale, then your reading of measurements may not be as accurate and distinct. On the other hand, if you go for a digital one, you can be ensured that the readings on the scale are pretty clear and the scales are easy to use.

Thus it is clear, digital scales give more accurate and clear results tha analogue scales, and makes your task simple.


It should go without saying that you will need a digital kitchen scale to be as accurate as possible. It will be affected by the increments in which measurements are provided. High-grade models should be able to offer results in one gram increments.

You can measure the accuracy level with the help of the degree of graduation. Usually, the weighing scales in the market have a graduation of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces.

Don’t choose the scale with larger graduation because it will affect the accuracy level and will not give accurate readings.


It is one of the crucial factors, and most of the scales have a standard capacity of 5 kg. However, if it is not sufficient for you, then you can also choose the one with 10 kg of capacity.

Remember that the maximum weighing capacity of the kitchen scale consists of both the weight of the ingredients and weight of the tray or bowl that holds ingredients.


It is good to select the weighing scale with a compact size that can be easily placed on the kitchen counter without occupying too much space. If you buy a big weighing scale for a kitchen scale, then you might face a problem with portability and usage.

A small sized scale can get fit into your kitchen countertop easily. And you will be able to carry and move the scale wherever you need to.


Today many latest models let you measure the quantity of the food ingredients in various units. This certainly works to an advantage while you are referring to two different cookbooks that may weigh ingredients given in non-standard units.

Fluid Measurement

This feature isn’t available on most weighing scales, but having this feature can ease your job. You can measure the liquids with the same density as that of water on the regular kitchen scale. This feature is helpful to measure liquids like honey and oil.


Look for a kitchen scale that has an easy to read digital display. Also, check a clear label. There is no point in buying a scale that has a barely readable screen.

Furthermore, a digital screen should have a maximum screen timeout of 5 minutes. A maximum timeout allows you to clearly understand the things on the display before it goes off.

Also, for more convenience, it is great if the display shows you how much battery is left. It becomes easier to manage, and you know in advance as to when you have to recharge the batteries.

Tare Function

Tare weight is the weight of ingredients without the additional weight of the bowl. It helps you to weigh anything very precisely when you are using your own bowl.

When you place the bowl on the scale and press the tare option, the readout will be reset to zero.

Plus you can use it repeatedly to get zero weight of the present ingredients and measure additional ingredients added in it.

Auto-off Duration

As the digital kitchen weighing scale runs on batteries, the auto-off duration is an important aspect to look for. It is the duration after which the kitchen scale will automatically shut off if left alone. This feature helps to save a lot of batteries.

Some kitchen scale models switch off after 3 minutes while other ones switch off after 5 minutes or so. However, you will not be able to check the previous measurements once the scale shut-offs, so you need to choose wisely.


These scales undergo a lot of rough use and are exposed to harsh kitchen situations. It is good to choose a strong and durable scale that is built of high impact on stainless steel or plastic.

Buy a strong and robust kitchen scale that will last long. Check for the build quality and product reviews given by the customers to get a fair idea.

Water Proof

If you are a fan of hygiene, then choose a waterproof one. This can offer you better cleaning of the weighing scale. Plus you can measure ingredients like milk, oil, honey or water as you clean the scale easily without damaging it. You can clean the standard weighing scales with a damp cloth.

Power Source

This is another important consideration. Mostly kitchen weighing scales operate on batteries whereas some run on a direct power source. You can use those scales using the power adapter.

There are various types of batteries used in the kitchen scale like AAA battery, Lithium battery etc. Pick one that lasts a long time.

Advantages of having a kitchen weighing scale

  • Improve Baking

This is one of the greatest advantages of having a weighing scale. It will measure the accurate amount of ingredients that are vital for successful baking.

  • Cooking Becomes Easy

It becomes handy whenever you need to measure any type of food item. The exact amount of spices will enhance the taste of the recipe. So with this scale, you can avoid the guessing trick. For maintaining the balance of the taste and texture in the dish, a kitchen scale is a must.

  • Track Calories Intake

Tracking down your calories intake helps in losing weight and is important for a healthy diet. In this situation, the kitchen scale comes handy. It will measure all the snacks and the food you have been eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between traditional weighing scale and kitchen weighing scale?

The main difference between them is the weighing capacity of the two. The kitchen weighing scale is used to weigh the smaller quantity of the ingredients accurately.

2. Is it better to weigh or measure food?

Weighing food is more accurate than simply taking a volume measurement as the amount of the food you can fit in a measuring cup or spoon varies gently. Moreover, it is true for more calorie-dense solid foods like proteins, nuts, starchy vegetables, and certain fruits.

3. How much does 1 oz weigh in grams?

Ounces to Grams conversion table:

Ounces (oz)Grams (g)Kilograms+Grams (kg+g)
1 oz28.35 g0 kg 28.35 g
2 oz56.70 g0 kg 56.70 g
3 oz85.05 g0 kg 85.05 g
4 oz113.40 g0 kg 113.40 g

4. What is a tare function?

Most advanced weighing scales boast a tare function that subtracts the weight of a bowl, so you only measure the contents.

To use this function, place the empty container on the scale, press the tare button to reset the scale to zero, then add your food item to be weighted.

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