Best Air Fryers In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

2. iBELL AF23BS 2.3 Litre 1200W Crispy Air Fryer

3. SToK Air Fryer with 3D Smart rapid air Technology

Air is the new oil !!

When you are trying to eat healthy food but still want to keep your favourite crispy, finger-licking fried foods in your diet, an air fryer will be your new friend.

Crispy fried foods are delicious, but cooking them involves copious amounts of oil, that isn’t great for your health. This appliance cooks food by circulating hot air around an inner chamber, yielding a crispy texture as you would get with frying. It allows you to recreate crispiness of fried food without using oil.

Now you can enjoy the french fries and chicken wings without the guilt!

Apart from fried foods, air frier is also capable of baking pizza, roasting vegetables, and baking cakes and bread. It is so convenient and cooks efficiently. The popularity of air fryer has spiked over the past few years, resulting in various models.

Thus selecting the best one is a very confusing task. It is essential to consider various factors before investing in one for your kitchen. Here is our complete buying guide for the Best Air Fryers in India that can simplify your task of choosing the best one.

Top 10 Air Fryers In India 2021

 Air FryerPower (Watts)Capacity (litres)Suitable ForWarranty
Philips 14252.2Bachelors/
2 years
iBELL AF23BS 12002.3Bachelors/
1 Year
SToK Fryer 18006.5Large Family1 Year
Inalsa Crispy 12002.3Bachelors/
2 years
Kenstar Aster Digi 15003.5Medium Family1 Year
Inalsa Fry Light 14004.2Large families2 years
Glen Rapid Fryer 13502.8Small Families/Bachelors2 years
American Micronic 15003.5Medium Family2 years
Havells Prolife Digi 12304Large families2 years
Prestige PAF 4.0 14002.2Bachelors/
1 Year

Which Are The 10 Best Air Fryers In India 2021?

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

Product Description

Basket Capacity: 0.8 kgPower Supply: 230 V ~ 60 Hz
Wattage: 1425 WFunctions: Bake, Grill, Roast & Fry
Cord Length:1.8mmTimer: 30 minutes
Weight: 7 kgWarranty: 2 Years
Dimensions: 287 mm x 315 mm x 384 mmBody Material: Plastic
Extras: Recipe Book and manual

Hands down the most trusted and most loved brand in India – Philips. It is great choice singles, or for families whose schedules mean they eat at different times. It doesn’t only offer some excellent features but also wins hearts due to its high efficiency working.

It has a capacity of 2.2 litres and a power rating of 1425 watts that make it compatible for making average-sized snacks on the go. The HD9220 air fry uses rapid air technology to give even cooking and crispy edges. You can use it for roasting chicken, grilling kebabs, paneer tikkas and baking pies, small cakes, and doughnuts besides frying for usual chips, samosas and fries.

The unique starfish design combines fast circulating superheated air to cook food quickly. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature and time according to the recipes or food ingredients you are cooking. Once the cooking time is complete, the machine shuts off automatically.



2. iBELL AF23BS 2.3 Litre 1200W Crispy Air Fryer

Product Description

Basket Capacity: 2.3 litresPower Supply: 220 ~ 240 V
Wattage: 1200 WTemperature: 100-200°C
Handle: Stainless SteelTimer: 30 minutes
Functions: Frying, Grilling, Baking and RoastingWarranty: 1 year + 1 year on frees registration

Are you searching for stylish yet easy to use the air fryer for cooking favourite delicacies at home? Nothing can be a suitable option other than the iBELL AF23BS Air Fryer. It is a multi-utility that enables you to grill, fry or bake with utmost ease and efficiency.

Its amazing features make it the best air fryer in India at a low price to suit the needs of the Indian kitchen. There is a high capacity frying bowl with non-stick finishing. It allows hot air to circulate quickly to ensure fast cooking of food. Moreover, the basket removable and can be easily pulled out for cleaning.

With its unique technology, it distributes air uniformly inside the frying bowl and cooks dishes with minimum use of oil. Since it operates at a 1300 watts power, it helps you to save on electricity bills. Thus it is energy efficient.



3. SToK Air Fryer with 3D Smart rapid air Technology

Product Description

Wattage: 1800 WPower Supply: 220 ~ 240 V
Pan Capacity: 6.5 lBasket Capacity: 5.5 l
Preset Functions: 8Temperature: 80 – 200°C
Timer: 30 minsBasket Material: Nonstick coated PFOA-free & BPA-free
Body Material: Stainless SteelProduct Dimensions: 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 12.6″
Basket Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ x 3.75″
Accessories: Metal Grill, recipe book, user manual

SToK is an Indian brand offering affordable household appliances. It is a steel air fryer and a perfect blend of ease of use and good technology. While most fryers have 2 to 4-litre capacity, this fryer has a whooping 6.5-litre capacity. Thus it is an excellent option for big families, or who loves to host dinner parties. It is the best air fryer in India for food lovers.

With its large capacity, you can even fry a whole chicken easily in a go. It comes with 8 in 1 cooking modes- Steak, Poultry, Fish, Shrimp, Bake, French fries, Roast, and Pizza. This appliance is a perfect healthy gift for food lovers. The reviews are quite positive about this device. Be it making fish fry, tandoori chicken or pizza, results are satisfactory.

The non-stick basket and drawer is dishwasher safe that make cleaning easy. Just put it in the dishwasher, and it’ll take care of the cleaning. Also, you will receive a recipe booklet that contains 29 recipes in a step by step instructions so that the newbie can handle fryer without any damage.


4. Inalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry

Product Description

Wattage: 1200 WPower Supply: 220 V
Capacity: 2.3 lTimer: 30 min
Food Basket: 1.8Temperature: 100 – 200°C
Cooking Pan: 2.3 lWarranty: 2 years
Weight: 6 kgBasket Material: PTFE(Non-stick)
Product Dimensions: 32 x 35 x 10 cm

This another budget-friendly appliance from Inalsa comes with various features. It is a basic model for a small family that lets you fry snacks and other delicacies.

It is easy to use, a well-designed air fryer that makes crispy chips and tasty chicken with moist meat. However, it doesn’t offer as many settings and programs as some of its rivals. The lack of digital controls is one of the sacrifices you make for this Inalsa air fryer’s lower price.

Its glossy black finishing means it will blend in easily on a kitchen counter space. Moreover, you can separate the pan from the basket by pressing the release button, which makes serving easy and convenient. The non-stick coating on the basket needs special care else it could peel off easily.



5. Kenstar Aster Digi 1500 W Oxy Fryer

Product Description

Wattage: 1500 WPower Supply: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Capacity: 3.5 lTimer: Upto 30 min
Preset Functions: 7Temperature: 80 – 200°C
Cord Length: 1200 mmFunctions: Fry, Grill, Roast and Bake
Weight: 4.5 kgProduct Dimensions: 34.5 x 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Warranty: 1 YearExtras: Free Recipe Book with 100 Recipes

Kenstar air fryer is an excellent source to meet your kitchen needs. Also, you can enjoy healthy meals with little or no oil. It is perfect for grilling, baking, roasting. The food tray is easily removable as per the user convenience.

The Kenstar Fryer uses a simple and innovative method to fry food without oil. It comes with a powerful fan that circulates air in the basket to heat up faster. In fact, cooking in this air fryer does not influence the nutritional value of a food. The Digi Fryer has a 3.5-litre capacity.

The temperature & timer can be adjusted using a digital LED touch panel. You can set temperature from 80 to 200 degree Celsius, and timer can be set up to 30 minutes. It can fry chicken, fish, stuffed vegetables, and french fries with ease. It provides uniformly cooked food with excellent browning.



6. Inalsa 1400W Air Fryer Fry Light

Product Description

Wattage: 1400 WPower Supply: 2230 V, AC
Pan Capacity: 4.2 lFood Basket: 2.9 l
Time setting: 0-30 minTemperature: 140 – 200°C
Body Material: AluminumWarranty: 2-Year
Weight: 6.2 kgProduct Dimensions: 32 x 36 x 10 cm
Functions: Grill, Roast, Bake, FryAccessories: Basket and Cooking Pan

Another leading brand that produces one of the best kitchen appliances is Inalsa. This pocket-friendly air fryer comes with various efficient features. It comes with cool-touch grip and non-slip feet for stability and safety. With this fryer you can bake, fry, saute, and grill and type of vegetable or meat.

Also, the build quality is great. Its baking basket lined with a food-grade non-stick finishing so that food doesn’t stick. It comes with an LED light indicator for power and heating. The device comes with adjustable temperature control and timer to help you maintain or adjust the temperature as per your needs.

Overall, it is a great choice to meet your healthy cooking needs and gives oil-free cooking results.



7. Glen Rapid Fryer 3044 2.8 litres 1350 Watt

Product Description

Wattage: 1350 WPower Supply: 140 to 220 V
Capacity: 2.8 litresFunctions: Bake, Fry, Roast and Grill
Time setting: 0-30 minTemperature: 200°C
Dimensions: 38 x 28 x 31 cmWarranty: 2 Years
Weight: 4 kgDimensions: 38 x 28 x 31 cm
Body Material: Stainless Steel

The Glen Rapid Fryer is one of the quietest and has the same manual controls as the Inalsa air fryer. It shares the same 30 minutes timer and temperature adjustment. In fact, little separates the specification of the two devices, so you’re paying a bit more than Glen’s extra litre capacity and design tweaks.

Be it chicken fries, burgers, and other recipes it can complete the task without or with less amount of oil. It comes with a cool-touch handle for better grip and safety. Furthermore, its 2.8-litre cooking capacity is suitable to meet the needs of small families.



8. American Micronic- AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Liters 1500 W Imported Air Fryer

Product Description

Wattage: 1500 WPower Supply: 220 V
Capacity: 3.5 litresFunctions: Fry, Bake, Roast and Grill
Time setting: 30 minTemperature: 200°C
Dimensions: 34 x 38 x 34 cmWarranty: 2 Years
Weight: 6.5 kgDimensions: 34 x 38 x 34 cm
Body Material: PlasticCord Length: 1.2 m

Sleek, shapely and glossy, the American Micronic is an attractive fryer. It is made to reduce the quantity of oil in cooking without compromising taste, nutrition and quality. This air fryer stands out from the crowd as it comes with all the innovative features and latest technology at a budget-friendly price.

The convex design of air fryer helps circulate the air to give crispy cook on everything from sweetcorn fritters to samosas. Moreover, it comes with a non-stick basket to prevent food from sticking to the surface. With 3.5 litres cooking capacity, it is apt to fulfil the cooking requirements of a medium size family.

It switches off automatically when the timer approaches zero and avoid food from burning or overcooking. Also, there is a beep indicator that alerts you once the cooking is done. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on all manufacturing defects. For motor, and other electrical parts 5-year replacement warranty is provided.



9. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

Product Description

Wattage: 1230 WPower Supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Capacity: 4 litresBasket Capacity: 2 litres
Time setting: 60 minutesQuick-cooking Time: 12 minutes
Cord Length: 0.8 mTemperature: 80 – 200 °C
Indicator Light: Power on Red, Heating up GreenAuto Shut Off: Yes
Body Material: PlasticBasket: Aluminum Non-stick Coated
Air Filter: YesWarranty: 2-Year
Functions: Grilling, Baking, Frying, RoastingAccessories: Large Food Basket 2l, manual, recipe book

Whether you want a burger and fries or craving spicy chicken nuggets for dinner, this Havells Digi air fryer will get the job done. This model comes with rapid air technology and capable of roasting, grilling, baking, frying and reheating the food. With a large 4 litre capacity, it is a great pick to serve the cooking needs for a large family. It has a sleek look as it is controlled by a digital screen without any control settings to clutter the exterior.

It allows you to adjust the time and duration according to the food requirements. Once the food is cooked, the machine automatically shut off to prevent delicacies burning. Moreover, it comes with a recipe book with plenty of recipes designed for air fryer so that you’ll never be stuck on what to cook next.

What makes this air fryer stands out of the crowd is its cooking basket. It enables you to cook multiple food items together. With its in-built air vents, it filters out a nasty odour that emits while frying.



10. Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer

Product Description

Wattage: 1400 WPower Supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Capacity: 2.2 litresTimer: 30 minutes
Weight: 2750 gTemperature: 80 – 200 °C
Dimensions: 34 x 32 x 32 cmWarranty: 1 Year
Filter: YesFunctions: Grilling, Roasting, Baking, Frying

If you are looking for the most reliable kitchen appliance, then prestige is one of the best brands that you can blindly trust. With its advanced features like easy to use controls, timer and handle for portability, it is a healthier alternative in your kitchen.

It features specially designed high capacity cooking basket with a non-stick finishing that allows hot air to circulate rapidly such that food is cooked faster. Unlike others, it is capable of reducing the consumption of oil or smoke while cooking.

Furthermore, it sports timer option that makes cooking food and spending quality time with family possible. The removable basket is easy to clean and maintain. For your safety, the device automatically shuts off if the basket is pulled out during the cooking process and starts from the same time when it is inserted back.



Different Types Of Air Fryers

Working of all air fryers are the same, but the design and functions are bit different.

Round/Egg Shaped Air Fryer

This type of air fryer is also known as a basket air fryer. It is perfect for regular household cooking. They come in two different shapes – round and square. These air fryers have a digital display and offer ample amount of accessories to easy operation.

Paddle Type Air Fryers

It is considered as an original air fryer. This type of fryers has a rotating paddle that turns and stirs the food while heat food.

Air Fryer Ovens

These air fryer models are new to the Indian market. Just like other types, it also circulates hot air produced by the heating element. The only difference is cooking surface design.

Unlike pan or basket air fryers, oven style fryers consists of horizontal racks. The horizontal racks can be used to cook several recipes at once on various racks. Also, they include additional accessories like small baking dish, kabab skewers, and rotisserie etc.

Halogen Air Fryer

This model is similar to a conventional oven. It uses halogen bulbs as their heating source, and the emitted heat is circulated around the food ingredients.

How To Choose The Best Air Fryer in India?

With so many models, it can be hard to choose one – do you need an air fryer combo? Or model without bells and whistles? Before you going to purchase an air fryer, read a buying guide to select the top-rated model for your needs.

First, there’s size. Do you want a compact option which is suitable for occasional use and stows easily in the cupboard? Or do you have the space for bigger that can cook in large quantity?

You’ll also need to consider versatility. While many air fryers are single-use, others double as smart ovens or have additional attributes that make them perfect for other things, like toasting, steaming or slow cooking.


If you are cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party, you will need a big air fryer while for one or two member households can get by with a smaller model. They are available in different sizes from 1 to 16 litres.

It is important not to overcrowd the cooking basket. You’ll need to think about how much food you plan to make in it.

CapacitySuitable For
1 Litrefor bachelors
2 to 3 litresfor couples
3 to 5 litresfor a family with 4 to 6 people
6 litres or abovefor a large family

Keep in mind, the larger the capacity, the larger the size of air fryer, and more countertop space it’ll take up.


The air fryer comes in two different designs – Pull out drawer and flip-top.

Flip-top: This design usually comes in large capacity fryers. It is a bit challenging to operate because there has to be some space above the unit for a proper opening. You should be careful while adding food.

Pull Out Drawer Style: This design comes in vertical style models. It easy to use – just grab the handle and unhook the basket within. It is a safe option since the heating element isn’t exposed.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is the vital feature of an air fryer that lets you cook the variety of recipes. The high temperature of 200 degrees is needed to cook chicken nuggets. So choose an air fryer that comes with different temperature control settings.

Cooking Method

Self Rotating: Some models offer a manual rotation of food ingredient to ensure even heat distribution. However, different ingredients like a different approach. For instance, it is easy to rotate the french fries, but the chicken pieces may not be easy to rotate.

Automatic Rotation: As the name suggests, it’ll rotate automatically without your attention. It uses a paddle to either turn the food or the entire basket. It is perfect for ingredients that need frequent rotation.


It lets you enable the required timer duration for cooking the food. Most air fryers have a timer for up to 30 minutes. However, if you need a longer duration to choose one that comes with a 60-minute timer.

Control Panel

A choice between manual or digital controls is a purely personal preference. Some latest models come with a combination of these two modes.

Accuracy of time & temperature setting with the digital display is accurate and easy to read than a manual one. On the other side, the manual is excellent for those who are not tech-savvy or doesn’t like the effects of modern tech.

Power and Cord Length

Most of the air fryers available in the market range from 1200 Watts to 2100 Watts. The higher the power, the quicker heat is produced and the faster the food is cooked.

The lower wattage air fryers have a maximum temperature of 350°F, and higher wattage has a maximum of 400°F. Moreover, the cord length will be approx 1.5 meters.

Preset Programs

Nowadays air fryers come with preset cooking programs. You can choose the recipe you are making and push the button. Then these kitchen appliances will automatically set the temperature and timer according to it. It is the best feature for those who don’t have enough time to spend on cooking.

Some models offer a wide variety of cooking methods – roast, bake, grill, reheat, or slow cook.

  • Keep Warm Mode: This handy feature keeps food warm until food served
  • Preheat and Pause: It is helpful when you want to stop the cooking process for some time


Most of the air fryers come with removable baskets and racks that are dishwasher safe. Also, non-stick coating in the basket or drawer makes cleaning a breeze. However, some parts like mesh basket and grill can get food stuck between them. So you need to clean it manually.


Check for safety features such as automatic shut off, cool-touch handle, and safety button to prevent basket falling out when taking it out. These features are designed to avoid any injuries, damages, and smoke build-up.

Additional Accessories

With a double layer tray, you can maximise the space of fryer as it allows you to stack foods on top of each other. Moreover, you can attach accessories that are tailored to individual cooking methods like grilling.

Price and Warranty

In the Indian market, the price range of air fryers starts from ₹ 3000. If you have a tight budget, you can easily get an efficient air fryer under ₹5000. Furthermore, check for the warranty, as longer the warranty is the better the quality will be.

Benefits of Using An Air Fryer

  • Healthier Meals: It helps reduce bad cholesterol since using less oil, or no oil reduces the calories in your food.
  • No greasy mess: No oil means no greasy utensils. Therefore you don’t have to waste time scrubbing grease.
  • Fast Cooking: With rapid heat technology, air fryer cooks faster. Thus you don’t have to wait long for your food to be ready.
  • Works well with frozen foods: Cooking frozen food in it offers you the best of both worlds: convenience and a healthy meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does An Air Fryer Work?

The air fryer doesn’t actually fry – it is a new generation of cooking equipment. The food goes into a perforated basket, and the machine cooks veggies & snacks by blowing hot air around it. Then the force of air generates a convection effect that cooks and browns the food’s exterior. It keeps the food oil-free and avoids overcooking.

2. Do Air Fryer Use Radiations?

No air fryer doesn’t use or produce any radiation while preparing delicacies. It uses radiated heat circulation for cooking with minimal smoke and oil.

3. What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

The only downside is that you can’t cook food items dipped in liquid batter liked fried chicken or onion rings. If you do so, the batter will drip through the holes in the cooking basket. Therefore you are limited to breaded or dry seasoned items.

4. Which Oil Is Suitable To Use In An Air Fryer?

The oil you should use have a very high smoking point since the temperature inside the fryer is high. You can use avocado, grape seed or extra virgin olive oil for better health results.

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